The Scottish Crime and Justice Survey

The Scottish Crime and Justice Survey (SCJS) is an annual large-scale survey of around 5,000 households in Scotland. The survey is important because it provides a picture of crime in Scotland, including crimes that haven’t been reported to, or recorded by the police, as well as public opinions of policing and the justice system.

The Scottish Government, police, local councils, and various charities use the results to help target resources and monitor the impact of initiatives aimed at tackling crime in Scotland, as well as to help understand the nature of crime in Scotland, for example, who is most likely to experience crime and how crime affects victims.

We are writing to selected households and asking them to take part. Following delivery of the survey letter, an interviewer from Ipsos or ScotCen will then call at your home to ask if you would be willing to take part.

During this time, interviews are being carried out in-home. This is in line with Scottish government policy and is to ensure that data of the highest quality possible is collected. If, for any reason, you wish to not take part in-home, you may request for an interview to take place by telephone or video chat.

Taking part is important and easy

HELP REDUCE CRIME IN SCOTLAND. The survey has run since 2008, with roots dating back to 1993, when the first independent Scottish-only survey was commissioned. It has helped various stakeholders understand the picture of crime in Scotland, and how this has evolved over the years. This information in turn helps to shape government initiatives to tackle crime more effectively.

WE CANNOT REPLACE YOU. In order to get a true picture of all types of people living in Scotland, we have chosen your address at random. This means we cannot ask someone else to replace you as this would bias the results and so, your participation is very important to us.

VICTIM OR NOT. Even if you have not been a victim of crime or experienced crime, we need to speak to you to understand if current crime policies are working or not. We also want to hear your views on the police, the justice system, and your feelings of safety where you live.

TOO BUSY? We are totally flexible and can arrange the interview at a time that suits you. By taking part you’ll be supporting the Scottish Government and the police in your area to improve the service they provide to the people of Scotland.